Twelve Things You Never Do in A Hotel in Dubai

We have all read those horror stories in the newspapers about the expat businessman or tourist who accidentally transgresses the law in the United Arab Emirates and is locked up for forever and a day. We wonder why they risk it and bother going over to that hot and sandy place in the first place. The answer in one word is ‘money’. You can make a lot of money doing business in Dubai. It can be risky, however, and here are 12 things you never do in a hotel in Dubai.

Starting out with the silly little things: never hold hands with a woman in a hotel in Dubai, even if she is your wife or daughter (unless she is very small). This culture does not allow for public showings of affection between men and women; and they are not alone in this, most of Asia feels the same way. Here, however, Islamic law could see you in big trouble. Obviously, never kiss in public, in the hotel lifts, foyer or dining rooms.

Twelve Things You Never Do in A Hotel in Dubai

Unmarried sexual relationships are illegal in Dubai. So, be very careful how you interact with your girlfriend or boyfriend if you are unmarried, as you could end up in prison.

Do not solicit a prostitute in a Dubai hotel, as prostitution is against Islamic law; despite the fact there are some thirty thousand prostitutes working in Dubai. So keep your eyes on the carpet and don’t look up at the bevy of beautiful women parading through your hotel. Elite courtesans may be hard to resist.

Do not drink alcohol outside of the designated areas in your hotel. It is also an offence to carry alcohol in your car unless you have a special license. Drinking booze is a very different affair in the UAE. Drink driving is a very serious offence in Dubai; so take a cab.

Dancing is not allowed in public, it is classified as indecent and provocative.

Dress conservatively, do not wear see-through items or clothing that does not adequately cover your body.

Pornography is illegal in the UAE, so be careful about what you have your phone or device.

And last but definitely not least, don’t curse the Dubai royal family.