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Corporate Retreats For Team Building

Team building plays a very important role in boosting the overall morale and productivity of employees. This activity helps relieve stress that is accumulated through work while at the same time aids in recuperating their loss energy and strength. This is the reason why employees often look forward to their team building activities with their corporate retreats. One of the popular getaway destinations can be found in Amwaj Hotels.

Amwaj Hotels are one of the leading providers of corporate retreats in Bahrain and Egypt. Give your team the chance to have a relaxing break, so they can work with a fresh mind toward achieving their company goals. Our team building programs help to achieve a new level of cohesiveness and productivity.

Our team building exercise with ACM Group started with a wild camel race through the desert so we could find the most competitive amongst them, ready to split into teams for a variety of challenging activities throughout the day. With El-Hajj Oil Corporation we hosted art sessions over two days, the first day was straightforward practice to help the team build their skills and the second we incorporated musical chairs into the mix so everyone had to work on each painting in a collaborative effort. They now hang their joint efforts proudly in their workspace.

Amwaj Hotels are also filled to be the brim with wonderful facilities to keep guests stress free throughout the entire course of their team building activities. Guests can enjoy working out in their gym in the early morning to prepare themselves for the activity ahead of them. Their health club is a good way to encourage the team active be active while at the same time keep them fit and healthy. After a fun and exhilarating day, employees will be able to enjoy a warm dip over their Jacuzzi or choose to get a relaxing massage before they call it day.

Team building is not complete without a beach experience and it is good to hear that Amwaj Hotels were able to provide just that with the facilities that they offer. Guests can choose from the warm and sunny ambience and atmosphere their beaches or perhaps decide to relax and unwind over their spacious swimming pools. Both location serves great food and snacks that can be ordered at any given time when the need calls for one to do so.

The fun has only started during nighttime at Amwaj Hotels. During this time, the hotel is filled with bright and illuminating lights that cover the entire area. Indeed, the fun never stops giving guests a wide variety of activities they can enjoy all throughout the day and of course night. Every minute of their stay at Amwaj Hotels is maximized wasting little to no time in the process. As a result employees feel very much refreshed and revitalized after their corporate retreats for team building is over. If you are looking for a nice play to stay with your team, consider booking at Amwaj Hotels.

Holistic Therapies in Hotels: Beyond Massage

International hotels embraced the spa, with its love affair for holistic therapies, a long time ago. You could even make a case for centuries and millennia, if you include the Roman baths of ancient times. Spa resorts in mountain hideaways have been treating people for centuries, as stated. In the twentieth century, with air travel exploding in popularity, and the middle classes getting wealthier and wealthier we saw an eruption of five star hotels in big cities. Businessmen were staying in these hotels whilst facilitating deals between their companies; and their wives needed something to do on the odd occasions they accompanied them.

The spa had beauticians and superficial treatment rooms offering superficial therapies. Concepts like wellbeing were born, dripping in aromatherapy and being massaged to within an inch of its life. Holistic therapies in hotels: Beyond massage the superficial eventually gave way to things like medical tourism and much more invasive treatments. Boob jobs and facelifts could be done in the luxury and comfort of a five star hotel or resort. Walk in flat chested and/or ugly and walk out reborn, Botoxed and bandaged but soon to be looking like a million bucks.

Holistic Therapies in Hotels: Beyond Massage

Of course, there have been other less extreme treatments like low level laser therapy for feet conditions like plantar fasciitis. A new effective treatment for a debilitating problem. Osteopathy has made great strides in its treatment of this condition and many other feet and lower leg problems. Holistic therapies in hotels: Beyond massage has seen a deepening of the kind of treatments now offered by these establishments. The froth and bubbles of wellbeing have given way to more powerful and substantial therapies. Technology has joined together with many traditional healing modalities to deliver twenty first century treatments for better health.

Everything evolves, or it withers and dies, and holistic therapies are not immune to this reality. Taking inspiration from the ancient past, many modalities have adapted to a high tech age and sought to combine the best of both of these worlds, hopefully. It is a balancing act in some cases, where the therapy seeks to improve its efficacy without losing its soul. There have been fierce battles between proponents of change and adherents to tradition. Reiki practitioners, re-birthers, and holistic therapists of all persuasions have faced these upheavals, as they have sought to continue their healing journeys. Alternative therapies, complementary medicine, new-age healers; the names change but the essential nature of the work remains the same.


Promoting Dubai: Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

The whole world is in a transitional period, as we move from the real to the virtual in marketing terms; and Dubai is no different. Promoting Dubai: Traditional Vs digital marketing, well, it is not an either or situation, it is both. Obviously, digital is the future of marketing, with everybody searching online, on their devices and phones. Search makes digital king because of SEO and social media. Some folks never leave the Facebook universe; they perpetually inhabit that frat inspired platform that has taken over vast chunks of the world.

Social media is a great channel to promote travel and tourism in. Facebook, as mentioned, but also Pinterest and Instagram, because they are so visually inspiring; and the whole holiday snaps thing has always been inextricably linked to the tourist realm. Taking photos of what you see, and who you meet, whilst travelling is such a natural part of the whole gig. Sending them instantly out to your network of family and friends is now de rigour for the traveller or tourist. Twitter, and its clones in different countries, is another platform doing the same thing here. Promoting Dubai through social media is a very big and important aspect of its success in the digital sphere.

Promoting Dubai: Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing through gifts and souvenirs, T-shirts and clothing, calendars and the like still have a part to play in the whole business of promoting Dubai. These old-fashioned promotional products still have an impact in the marketplace. The snow globe with the world’s tallest tower in Dubai inside is still a powerful tool in marketing terms. The merchandising which displays iconic images of this wondrous city in the desert, with all its feats of engineering proudly jutting up on the skyline, makes a valuable contribution to the marketing of Dubai.

Human being still like things that they can touch and interact with their senses. Digital is everywhere now, but it still does not make as much impact, as the real. That is changing, as I said, we are in a transitional period. Promoting Dubai: Traditional Vs digital marketing continues to be a blend of both, during this transitional period. Will the world be a poorer place when digital takes over completely? Or, will life be purer when marketing and advertising exit products, leaving them alone to stand unlabelled? If all advertising shifted to the digital spectrum would it re-purify our real world? I wonder.

Twelve Things You Never Do in A Hotel in Dubai

We have all read those horror stories in the newspapers about the expat businessman or tourist who accidentally transgresses the law in the United Arab Emirates and is locked up for forever and a day. We wonder why they risk it and bother going over to that hot and sandy place in the first place. The answer in one word is ‘money’. You can make a lot of money doing business in Dubai. It can be risky, however, and here are 12 things you never do in a hotel in Dubai.

Starting out with the silly little things: never hold hands with a woman in a hotel in Dubai, even if she is your wife or daughter (unless she is very small). This culture does not allow for public showings of affection between men and women; and they are not alone in this, most of Asia feels the same way. Here, however, Islamic law could see you in big trouble. Obviously, never kiss in public, in the hotel lifts, foyer or dining rooms.

Twelve Things You Never Do in A Hotel in Dubai

Unmarried sexual relationships are illegal in Dubai. So, be very careful how you interact with your girlfriend or boyfriend if you are unmarried, as you could end up in prison.

Do not solicit a prostitute in a Dubai hotel, as prostitution is against Islamic law; despite the fact there are some thirty thousand prostitutes working in Dubai. So keep your eyes on the carpet and don’t look up at the bevy of beautiful women parading through your hotel. Elite courtesans may be hard to resist.

Do not drink alcohol outside of the designated areas in your hotel. It is also an offence to carry alcohol in your car unless you have a special license. Drinking booze is a very different affair in the UAE. Drink driving is a very serious offence in Dubai; so take a cab.

Dancing is not allowed in public, it is classified as indecent and provocative.

Dress conservatively, do not wear see-through items or clothing that does not adequately cover your body.

Pornography is illegal in the UAE, so be careful about what you have your phone or device.

And last but definitely not least, don’t curse the Dubai royal family.